Jain Jyot Solar Power Pack

Jain Jyot Solar Power Pack 1
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Solar Power Packs

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Jain Jyot Solar offers you a wide range of Solar Power Packs suitable for different applications.


Jain Jyot power pack is a solar cum mains hybrid inverter with solar charging priority to power domestic appliances like CFL's / Tubes, Fans, T.V., Computer etc. The unit consists of solar panel, batteries, & solar /Mains charge controller cum inverter with logic circuit.

System Description

Solar Photovoltaic Modules : A solar photovoltaic module is the basic element of each photovoltaic system. It consists of number of solar cells arranged and connected in a definite pattern. It converts solar energy into electrical energy when sunlight falls on its surface.

Solar Inverter Cum Charge Controller With Intelligent Logic Control : Solar Inverter converts DC (Direct current)power from the battery to AC (Alternating current) power compatible with the utility and AC loads. This unit consists of Solar Inverter cum Charge Controller with Intelligent Logic which controls the charging of battery from solar or mains with solar as priority.

This system monitors the Battery charge status and accordingly decides to charge the battery either from solar or from mains. First priority of charging is from solar modules and only in the absence of solar power (no-sunshine time) and when battery voltage is low (a predetermined level), the mains charger is turned ON automatically. This maintains the battery on float.

When battery bank reaches a preset low voltage, mains charger turns "ON" and charges the battery bank. Next day, when solar radiation is available, the cycle repeats. This ensures healthiness of battery and hence the life of the battery gets extended. Battery deep discharge, over charge protections are incorporated inside the Solar Inverter.


A device that converts the chemical energy contained in its active materials directly into electrical energy by means of an electrochemical reaction. Low maintenance, tubular type batteries are provided with this system.

Models Available

150VA, 250VA, 375VA, 500VA, 750VA, 1000VA and 2000VA.

Applications & Uses

For Conventional loads like lamps, tubes, fans, etc., in homes, shops, banks, hospitals, hotels etc.

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