LED / CFL Based Advertisement Boards

Jain Jyot Ad Board
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Solar Advertisement Boards

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The main purpose of advertising in the business world is to promote sales in order to boost profits. Now a day, large outdoor advertising structures are found in places with high traffic such as cities, roads, motorways and highways. Among all types of advertising structures, Back Lit Illumination Flex Board is most popular.

Jain Jyot CFL/LED based Solar Ad Board consists of solar module, low maintenance tubular battery, charge controller cum timer, & compact, fluorescent lamp (CFL) or Light emitting diodes (LED's). When solar radiations fall on solar module, it will generate electricity. Electricity generated from solar module is stored in battery through charge controller. Charge Controller is provided to protect battery from over charging and deep discharging. During day time, battery will get full charged. At dusk, charge controller with inbuilt timer will automatically switch ON the luminary & will switch OFF after four hours of operation, which is peak business period.

System Description

Solar Panel : Crystalline silicon type
Battery : Low maintenance tubular lead acid battery
Light Source : CFL/LED
Ad Board : Back lit illumination type flex board
Working Time : Typically for 4 hrs after the battery is fully charged
Charging Time : 5 – 6 hours / day
Warranty Period : 1 Year for entire system & 10 years for solar panel


  • Commercial Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Display Board etc.


  • Easy to Install.
  • No Electric Connection Required, No Electric Bill.
  • Automatic operation.
  • Low maintenance
  • Environment friendly

Safety Features

  • System is Completely Shock Proof Due to Low Voltage Circuitry
  • Short Circuit Protection.

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